Here are the various rights that homebuyer’s have under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016.te (Regulation and Deelopment) Act, 2016

Right to information

A buyer can obtain information and necessary documents regarding sanc- tions, layout plans, amenities, stage- wise completion schedule, and the specifi cations approved by the compe- tent authority from the developer.

Right to possession

A homebuyer has the right to claim the possession of the plot or apart- ment as well as the common areas upon completion of the project, as stated in the agreement of sale.

Right to refund

If the builder fails to comply with any of the provisions related to RERA, a homebuyer can claim refund of the amount paid, along with interest and compensation for breach of contract

This will also apply if there is a mis- match in terms of what was promised by the builder and what has been delivered.

Right in case of defect

If there are any structural defects or problems in the quality of the prop- erty within five years of possession, the builder will have to rectify these damages within 30 days at no extra cost to the buyer.

Right in case of defect

If there is a defect in the property title, the buyer can also claim compensation under Section 18(2) of the Act, without any law of limitation.